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Will You Save Ali?

  • Name: Ali
  • Breed: Pitbull
  • Age: Four
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Portland, Maine
  • Contact Information: Susanna Richer, 207-773-2382.

One Happy Dog!
November 30, 2003

I went to visit Ali today in his new home -- All I can say is Ali is one happy dog! He is in a nice warm apartment with a bed, fresh water and food, lots of windows, a couch to lie on and lots of love. Reggie is a runner - he took Ali for a long run yesterday morning, which of course, Ali loved.

Ali is already gaining wieght and should be at a normal weight in no time at all.

I took Ali for a romp in the park - I must have lost my mind, I forgot that the park here is the land of the squirrels. Needless to say, I spent an hour being dragged around trees!

Ali was a little weird when we got back in the car to go to his home. I think he thought we were going back to the kennel. When we arrived back at his apartment, he ran up the stairs and then gave me a big kiss, before devouring his food.

I have arranged a weekly visitation schedule with Reggie, who seems to be completely open to my presence in Ali's life.

Reggie let me take some pictures of him and Ali together - which I will post to this website soon as they are developed.


Ali Goes Home
November 26, 2003

Today was a very exciting day for Ali. A Thanksgiving to remember. At Noon on Thanksgiving, I met Reggie, Ali's new caretaker at the kennel where Ali has been staying. It was a reunion that would make anyone cry. Ali could not get into Reggie's car fast enough! Reggie gave Ali a big hug and rub down when he saw him. I sent Reggie and Ali on their way with 40 lbs of food, toys, bedding, medical records and medication for Ali's eye infections.

Reggie seems very nice, caring and intelligent. He was open to my offer to walk Ali and also to dog sit if Reggie needed to go on vacation. I plan on checking in with Ali after he settles into his new environment - probably next weekend (if I can wait that long). Hopefully, I will be able to take some new photos of Ali, being fed, loved and without a 50 pound chain around his neck! I will update this web page accordingly.

For those of you who are new to this tale, Ali stayed with Reggie for a month before entering the kennel. Reggie was unable to keep him at that time because his landlord would not allow Ali to live in the home. Reggie has since moved into an apartment where Ali is welcome. Reggie drives a truck for a living and takes Ali on the road with him. Ali loves being in the truck. He is finally able to see and experience a world outside of his 10 foot circle and is taking it all in with great enthusiasm.

Thanks again for all of the loving souls who offered advice and assistance. It looks like Ali has finally found the life that he deserves!

A Successful Trip to the Vet
November 19, 2003

Ali and I had a wonderful trip to the vet today. Ali was terrific in the car and a very well behaved gentleman in the doctors office as well. It almost seemed like he was enjoying himself. The staff fell in love with him -- and Ali went back to the kennel with a belly full of treats. No one at the clinic could believe that Ali had spent four years on a chain and be so good natured.

The good news is that Ali is is good health. Amazingly - he tested negative for Heartworm, Lyme Disease and Parasites. He does have two infected eyes, but should be fine with a ten day treatment of eye goop. The vet confirmed that Ali is severly under weight, which is what happens when dogs don't get fed - huh? I have asked the Kennel to increase his food intake and purchased a huge bag of Nutro for his new owner to take home with him on Friday.

Overall - a very successful trip.

Update from Susanna
November 18, 2003

Good news! Ali is going to the vet tomorrow.

I spoke with Ali's caretaker today and he has given me permission to take Ali to the vet for a check-up and vaccinations, which I have offered to pay for. Due to my recent call to animal control, Ali has received his rabies vaccination, but will be brought up to date on distemper and kennel cough. He will also be tested for heartworm and other parasites. Additionally, Ali seems to have two eye infections, so medication will most likely be in order to remedy.

Once Ali is in his new home - I plan on following up with his new caretaker regarding neutering.

Ali will be visiting the best Veterinary Clinic in Portland - The Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic. The people who work there are so wonderful - and they donate every Friday to taking care of the shelter dogs.

If nothing else is discovered on our visit, the total vet costs will be: $115.00

The detailed breakdown is as follows:

  • Office Visit - $35.00
  • Heartworm Test - $36.00
  • Stool Sample - $15.00
  • Distemper - $10.00
  • Kennel Cough - $10.00
  • Eye Meds - $9.00

Donations to help cover these costs are welcome, if anyone is feeling generous. My contact information is as follows:

Susanna Richer
63 Hawthorne Street
Portland, ME 04103

I have visited Ali twice today - and he seems to be much calmer then he was a few days ago. He did not pull on the leash at all (well - at least not until he saw the squirrel...). His eyes look better and his kennel nose is healing. I think the regularly scheduled visits are helping his brain.

Update from Susanna
November 17, 2003

I just returned from seeing Snooks (Ali's 'caretaker') to talk about releasing Ali to the Westbrook Animal Refuge League.

When I arrived, Snooks told me that his friend, Reggie, is going to take Ali. Red is the truck driver that took care of Ali for the month after Ali was removed from his original "home." Red returned Ali to Snooks after a month - which is why Ali is now in a kennel. However, I was not aware of the reason why Ali was returned and now I am.

Reggie returned Ali because his landlord would not allow Ali to be in the apartment - so he could only take care of Ali when he was on the road in his truck.

Reggie has just moved into a new apartment where he will be allowed to have Ali. Ali will be with him in the truck during the day when he works and on overnights that he occasionally makes up to Northern Maine and Ali will be with him in the apartment when he is off. It is my understanding that when Red took care of Ali before - Ali loved being in the truck and Red would take him on runs in fields and woods that he encountered along his drive.

Reggie is scheduled to pick up Ali at the end of this week from the kennel. I plan on visiting Ali daily until that occurs.

Snooks is happy (not that we care) because his daughter is attached to Ali and will now be able to continue to see him.

Reggie's apartment is in Portland (where I live). I have received permission to go visit Ali and walk him when he is placed in his new home. Additionally, I have offered to assist with vet bills to get Ali neutered and up-to-date on shots.

Mel and I also have offered our services if Ali needs a dog sitter for any reason, or if the situation does not work out.

I am hoping that this is the end of the Ali saga and that he is finally going to his forever home.

I want to thank you and everyone who has offered help, support and advice in an effort to save Ali. I cannot express how much the outpouring of concern for Ali's well-being means to me. I love this dog so much - it is so heart warming to know that there are so many wonderful, caring people out there willing to help.

I will send updates and pictures once Ali is moved to his new home - I plan on keeping a close eye on him - If it is not a good situation - you all will hear from me again... as Tammy already knows, I am a woman obsessed - and nothing but best is good enough for my Ali :)

Thank you all so much.

Susanna Richer
Portland, ME

About Ali:

Ali is a wonderful, exuberant, intelligent, loving dog. He has a ton of energy and enjoys playing with balls and stuffed animals. He is a big ham and loves to have his belly rubbed.

Ali seems to get along with other dogs, however, his interest in cats seems more than playful, and as a result, placement in a home with cats or other small animals is not an option.

Although Ali has not had formal obedience training, he understands a few commands such as "sit" and "lie down." His leash manners need work, as until recently, Ali had never been for a walk. He will need an owner with the time and patience to teach him proper dog etiquette.

Ali is a slow, gentle eater - he does not show signs of aggression when it comes to food.

Ali is a ladies man - he prefers the company of women to men - However, he has been know to be very affectionate to males who meet his approval.

Although he has never lived in a house - Ali appears to be house broken.

Due to his life of solitary confinement, it is not a surprise that Ali exhibits some signs of separation anxiety, as he occasionally chews his bedding when left alone for long periods of time. These habits will most likely dissipate once Ali has a forever home with a family that welcomes his presence. He has been living in a boarding kennel for the last month - and has not displayed any signs of separation anxiety during that time.

Ali has spent the four years of his life on the end of a chain. Miraculously, his poor living conditions have not dampened his joyful spirit. Ali was recently removed from his owner's possession and now resides in a boarding kennel. This situation is temporary - he will soon be placed in a local shelter where, due to his breed, his chances for adoption are slim, and euthanization is a possibility. Time for Ali is running out.

Ali deserves a chance at life, in a home where he will allowed to settle down and receive the love that he deserves. If given the chance, Ali will prove to be a loyal and loving companion.