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Job Seeker Newsletter January 2004


Q. What types of changes do you foresee within your company over the next 5 years?

A. Due to the state of world events, I forecast that over the next five years the security industry will move from an unskilled labor force classification to a skilled labor force designation, which will continue to improve the livable wage within our industry.

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Interviews but No Job Offers: Is a Background Check to Blame?

Job seekers should be aware of the growing use of pre-employment screening techniques by employers.

Today's employers have a variety of automated technologies and public record databases at their disposal to examine applicants' credit, driving, and criminal history.

This research process should not be a concern to a job seeker unless an unchecked error presents itself in the data and negatively affects their chances for employment.

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Some employers believe that salary is the first consideration of a job seeker viewing employment postings. Surprisingly, a recent poll on our site revealed, salary to be low on the list of applicant priorities.

The first item a job seeker looks for in a help-wanted ad is the job title and description (56%) of the available position.

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