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Job Seeker Newsletter July 2003



Q. How would you describe the work environment at Enterprise?

A. Everyday isn't so much like a workday as it is an MBA crash course.

At Enterprise, you'll gain valuable and highly marketable skills in every aspect of business management from sales and marketing and developing a staff to customer service and accounting.

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30 Seconds of Impact -

Making the Most of Resume "Air Time"

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The average time an employer spends reviewing an applicant's resume is 30 seconds.

The stakes are high for candidates seeking to maximize their impact in an extremely minimal amount of time.

Qualified candidates cannot simply outline their experience on their resume; they must sell themselves, using their resume as a powerful marketing tool.

Is your resume up to the challenge?

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How Long Would Your Savings Last?

Most financial experts suggest having at least three to six months' of living expenses stashed away in an emergency fund.

However, inspite of the national unemployment rate reaching a 9-year high, a recent poll on our site revealed that the majority of New Hampshire Job Seekers are not saving for a rainy day.

If you lost your job next week -- how long would your
savings last?

I wouldn't even be able to buy lunch
About 2 weeks
About 1 month
About 2 months
Between 3 and 6 months
More than 6 months


- What does it mean if I have an "inquiry" on my home page?

- An employer has searched the applicant database has found your resume or qualification summary and is interested in contacting you. They send the inquiry, often with their contact information and how they'd like to have you get in touch with them. The inquiry is considered pending until you do one of two things.

  • First, you can choose 'Yes, I am interested', in which case you fill out the reply form and the employer receives this information.
  • Secondly, you choose 'No, I am not interested' in which case you do nothing more, and the employer receives a notification that you are not interested. Choosing the third option, 'I do not want to respond at this time' leaves the inquiry as pending.

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