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Job Seeker Newsletter August 2004


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8 Tips to Making a Successful Career Change

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VOTE! - WEDDLE's, the top guide to online employment resources, is conducting its annual poll of recruiters and job seekers to determine which employment-related sites they like best

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Q. What makes your company great to work for?

A. - DialAmerica is a people business. We don't look at ourselves so much as a company but as an organization of people that comes together and…succeeds because we're on a mission." Art Conway, President

DialAmerica is committed to the success of our people. We provide personal growth and recognition, integrity in the workplace, and a positive work environment. We value and inspire people because when this happens, ordinary people do extraordinary things.

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WEDDLE's 2005 User's Choice Awards

Each year, WEDDLE's conducts a 12-month poll of recruiters and job seekers to determine which employment-related sites they like best.

The voting is open to all and covers all job boards and career portals.

The 30 sites that accumulate the most votes during the year are named WEDDLE's User's Choice Award winners for the next year.

VOTE for your favorite Internet job board(s) to win the WEDDLE's 2005 User's Choice Award!

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8 Tips to Making a Successful Career Change

At one time or another, most of us will make one, two or more career changes throughout their life.

It may be very intimidating at first, but it could be completely necessary to keep yourself happy.

If you are considering a career change, you should first, identify the problems in your current career and be sure it is not something you can adjust.

Before you decide to jump ship from your current job, talk to your boss.

Author Stephen Warren said, "Progressive companies recognize that motivated employees are critical to their success. They may bend over backwards to assist you once they know your real interests and desires."

However, if nothing can be changed in your current career to make you happier, then it may be time to seek a new one.

Here are eight tips to help you make asmoother career transition.

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Choose Wisely

According to a recent article on WEDDLE's, (, the top guide to online resources for employment, personal development and career success, over half of all U.S. workers are either looking for a new job or intend to do so in the next year.

According to SHRM, more than 80 percent of HR professionals use Internet job postings to find candidates, and 96 percent of job seekers use these postings to find jobs, ( .

All good news, but beware - not all online job sites are created equal. In the same study, Hitwise found that these tremendous numbers are not true for every employment site, with some national job sites actually seeing a decline in traffic.

On June 17th, Wanted Technologies ( released a market share report demonstrating that local job boards more than often offer more job ads than the big three national job boards (Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs) combined!

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